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Modern and comprehensive urology surgical services to Mackay and surrounds.

What is Urology

Urology is that part of surgery that deals with kidneys, bladders, prostates and genitals including testicular problems.

It involves surgery as well as medicine and consulting. Urology was one of the first surgical specialties and was the specialty that introduced cameras and telescopes and non invasive surgery.


General Urology

Urology is that part of surgery that deals with kidneys, bladders, prostates and genitals including testicular problems.

Prostate Cancer

PSA is important in finding and treating cancers before they can cause progression and misery.

Prostate Blockage

An enlarged prostate is a common condition which can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms.


Stones are small, hard deposit that forms in the kidneys and is often painful when passed.

Bladder Cancer

There is a high percentage of smokers in our community. The most common cancer in smokers is bladder cancer.


Incontinence is a loss of bladder control which can range from a slight loss of urine to complete inability to control urination.

Mens Health

There are a wide range of problems to do with hormone imbalance and erectile difficulties which may be embarrassing. 

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections don’t always cause obvious signs & symptoms but when they do it is miserable.

Dr. Daryl Stephens, Urological Surgeon (F.R.A.C.S)

Background & Qualifications

I provide a modern comprehensive urology surgical service to Mackay and surrounds.

Urology covers many aspects of your health including stones, incontinence, cancers, sexual concerns, and recurrent urinary infections.

Your GP will be able to tell you if your problem would be appropriate for a urological opinion.

I am Daryl Stephens. I have a medical degree MBBS, and a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian college of Surgeons FRACS.

I was born and raised in rural Victoria and did my surgical training initially in Melbourne and Adelaide. I then worked overseas in the UK and returned to practice in rural Victoria then Perth.

I have lived and worked here in Mackay at the Base Hospital and in private at the Mater for five years, and I intend staying on in Mackay.

It is important to keep up to date in surgery, and I attend many local and overseas conferences, keep up to date with my college CPD requirements, and maintain a contact with the PA Hospital via team meetings where unusual and difficult cases are discussed with colleagues .

I am an adjunct Senior Lecturer at JCU, and have a full-time teaching commitment to students, interns and registrars.

I realise that times are tough, and I am able to discuss financial options for private treatment.

I give out my mobile number to all patients, and I am happy to take calls from patients, GPs, other specialists and the emergency department at any time.

I have trained in all contemporary surgical techniques and look forward to discussing your management in an understanding and friendly atmosphere.

Hobbies & Interests

My interests outside work is sailing, restoring classic cars, four-wheel driving, racing cars and I have just published a book on the history of navigation.

I hope I can be of help to you, which is what we are here for.

Frequently Asked Questions

A urologist is a qualified doctor who has specialised knowledge and skill regarding problems of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. The male and female urinary tract includes your kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra – as well as the other related organs – testes, prostate, penis, epididymis, seminal vesicles and associated glands.

What should I bring with me when I come for a scheduled office appointment? Bring your Referral if you have one and any scans you may have had done by your local physician prior to attending your urologist!

If you don’t have any of the above then that’s fine, your physician will organise the appropriate scans that are necessary at your consultation.

You don’t always need a referral, but most medical specialists will accept only referred patients from the patients local doctor. This is partly to try to ensure that the specialist you are seeing is appropriate for you and your present condition, and also because Medicare pays higher rebates for specialist services if you have been referred through your physician.

Before seeing any medical specialist like a Urologist, it is always preferable if you talk to your own family doctor first, who can discuss your situation with you and advice you on whether it is best to seek specialist care. If it is, your doctor can help you choose the specialist best suited to your situation. Your family doctor can help the specialist to care for you better by providing relevant information about any other health matters you may have had in the past.

Your Doctor will always communicate with your specialist to enable your family doctor to provide the right aftercare treatment for you after your specialist has treated you. This can be ongoing treatment from your family doctor, depending on what you have had done.

Your first appointment with the Urologist will entail you and the doctor discussing your particular concerns or problems. The doctor may do a physical examination as well as ask you questions, about you specific issue/s. From there you may be sent for further tests or scans and be asked to return for follow up after those results have come back to your specialist. The result of your appointment(s) will be a diagnosis being made and the appropriate treatment being offered and explained to you, so you are aware of what the next steps will be.

If you have any further questions that is the time to discuss it with your physician who can suggest alternative ways of dealing with your particular issues if needed.

  • Have your Private Hospital Insurance information with you.
  • Copies of any Scans, MRI’s, CT Scans, X-rays etc that a relevant to your issues.
  • Referral Letter from your referring Doctor.
  • Any Hospital Insurance information with you.
  • Medicare Card, Pension Card of Workers Compensation details.

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